Reputation Management

Reputation Management EncinitasSEO, Internet Marketing, Local business marketing, Online Video Marketing, online feedback and reviews, wow, so much has changed online over the past decade.

Optimizing your web site for Search Engines is dead, a thing of the past. The Search Engines have changed.

There really is no way to do Search Engine Optimization to get a #1 SERP (search engine ranking position) for every keyword you want. You have to laser focus the important things.  Years ago one person could run some strategies and get their sites to rank well for certain search terms fairly easily. That is not really the case any longer.

What does it take?  Content is king and has always been king. There will always be webmasters and business people that want shortcuts, but to truly rank well, your web site needs relevant, authoritative content.

So what is the difference between SEO, Internet Marketing and Reputation management.

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This might be optimizing your web site so the search engines find it, like it or both.  There are so many different ways to optimize your web site online now that it could take a team of experts to do this properly. It used to be simply Title Tag, Meta Elements and H1 tags. Now it should also include Schema; Microdata, Rel Statements, Alt image and title tags, Categories, URL importance, bread crumbs, Sitemaps, XFN and more.  This doesn’t even take into consideration or mention off line SEO.
  • Internet Marketing can encompass a whole lot. Where SEO focuses on optimizing your web site for the search engine relevance and content and reputation management focuses on your online reputation.  Internet Marketing focuses on well, Marketing online. It’s just like offline marketing where you try to attract and engage your target audience rather than the search engines. When you think about Internet marketing you should be thinking about how to attract your end users and customers. This can include Web 2.0 properties, Article sites, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and all the other social networks, not to mention all the various bookmarking sites including Pinterest, Diigo, Digg, Delicious, and then professional organizational sites and groups including
  • So why is video marketing so important? As of right now there are over 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute of every day.  YouTube is owned by Google and they are pushing the best, most popular videos to the top of the search engine results. YouTube is the 2nd most searched website for information.  You do the math.  Getting video in front of your customers is key.


Reputation Management and MitigationReputation Management, Reputation Manufacturing, Reputation Mitigation:

Are you online and no one can find you? Or worse, you’re listed by you have poor reviews and a bad or dishonest portrayal of your brand or business?  What if you have no reviews but customers tell you they enjoy your products or services in person. How do you motivate your customers to take action online and give you the online reputation you deserve?

Or even worse yet, you’re listed on sites like ripoff report or your brand name or company name come up in search engines (like Google instant) for your business with the term scam or sucks after your name (oh the horror).

The Internet makes it extremely necessary for companies to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service but you also have to ask customers to for positive reviews.  Many merchants are afraid to ask for reviews in fear that there was a problem and best not encourage poor reviews.

The problem with not asking for reviews is that unfortunately, people often criticize or leave bad reviews before  good ones.  We’d like to think that people are generally happy which is probably true, but when it comes to online reviews or feedback, people prefer to complain online more than give praise online.

It’s very easy for a consumer to publicly complain these days. If your only review is on Yelp and it’s a bad one, you need serious help. Reputation mitigation combined with reputation manufacturing is simply telling the public (the Internet world) about you and your credentials. It’s similar to Internet marketing but is focused on you or your brand awareness. Getting the “good word” out about you, your products, your services and/or your brand.  This can take months but is necessary in the sea of online competition.

Content is King:

The content on your web site has to be relevant to what you do. I’ve been doing Internet marketing, SEO and Reputation management since 1997. I took many internet marketing courses, classes, and seminars over the years to get where I am. I’m not a famous internet marketer. I quietly make a good living online and give back to my local community. I try and teach and help others learn about Internet Marketing in Encinitas so they can enjoy the same benefits that I do.  I don’t live in a multi-million dollar mansion, but I do enjoy living in Southern California less than 2 miles from Moonlight Beach (it’s pretty darn good, and I’m pretty darn lucky).

I firmly believe you have to give it away to get it and you reap what you sew. If you need some help join my meetup group, we share lots of insider tips and secrets. Too busy to do it yourself, we can help you too. I work with very few select clients, Contact me if you need help.

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