How to Unlock a Linksys SPA2102 ATA VoIP Adapter

Did you just buy a VoIP SIP Adapter on eBay only to find out it was locked by the old VoIP provider?  Bummer.. We’ll don’t despair, follow the instructions below and the helpful Video to find out how to unlock a Linksys SPA2102 ATA Adapter.


These instructions came from an old Post I found buried on the Web Archive Boards.  The original post was on a blog that is no longer resolving.

The original instructions were for unlocking a Sunrocket Gizmo SPA2102-R and were taken from SRGizmos which is not defunct but that link will take you to the web archives page where it remains. You can also visit the gizmo password blogspot. However the instructions in the video work. These should work on for any Cisco SPA2100 or SPA2102 ATA Phone Adapter.

A set of instructions was also found on  This is a Blogspot link and has been updated.  However the original post mentioned that all the suggested passwords failed due to reprovisioning.

The instructions below seem to be the best available at the time of this writing but you should also watch the video guide as it was easier for me to follow.  The video starts at line 4 so you’ll need to follow 1 – 3 here to get started from scratch.

  1. Install an Apache web server like XAMPP Lite
  2. Go to htdocs in your XAMPP lite installation folder …/xampplite/htdocs and un-zip the ( <—- this was a file download that I can’t find anywhere.. sorry, if someone has a default configuration file for this please let me know. You can download most recent SPA2102  firmware if needed.
  3. Go into ./gms/linksys/SPA-2102/2102/ folder created in htdocs and rename the configuration file “your mac address.cfg” to .cfg , I.E. 000aaa11bb.cfg Note, all letters are lowercase, and no dashes or colons. The MAC address can be found on the bottom of your SPA2102-R (don’t confuse it with the serial number).
  4. Power up your SPA2102-R without any network cable and connect a phone to the line 1 or 2 port.
  5. Dial **** or ***# you should hear “Linksys configuration menu please enter option”
  6. Dial 101# when asked for a value press 1# then confirm the value when asked
  7. Dial 111# when asked for a value enter 67*133*234*1# then confirm it
  8. Dial 121# when asked for value enter 255*255*255*0 then confirm it
  9. Connect your computer directly to the INTERNET port of your SPA (on older computers you may need a crossover cable)
  10. Set your computer’s IP address to
  11. in …/xampplite/apache/conf/httpd.conf search for DefaultType and replace it with the following line:
    DefaultType application/octet-stream
  12. Pick up the phone, and, dial ****
  13. At the prompt, dial 723646#
  14. When prompted for a password, dial 79309925#
  15. Dial 1# then Dial 1 and hang up
  16. Check your apache log under …/xampplite/apache/logs/access.log for something like: - - [22/Aug/2007:00:48:20 -0700] "GET /gms/linksys/SPA-2102/2102/000e08e3d748.cfg HTTP/1.0" 200 40960
  17. Unplug your network cable from the SPA2102-R Internet port and plug it into the LAN port.
  18. Wait until your network is connected and then go to, and login with the credentials admin and qwe%zxc5 – Congratulations! Your SPA2102-R adapter is unlocked! Now, you’ll want to at LEAST disable provisioning.

If this worked for you leave a comment or visit the video on youtube directly and tell ooglek thanks by commenting or liking his video.


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